What is the difference between Aesthetic Bodybuilding and Normal Bodybuilding?

Aesthetic Bodybuilding vs. Normal Bodybuilding

I can remember when I was in college and if you don’t know about me I received a football scholarship to play at a junior college in Kansas and the time that I was up there, I realized how big and cut some of those guys was. I was like

“Man, that’s how I want my body to look!”

Also, I remember in my mid 20’s I was a power lifter and remember some of those guys like

“Dang, you are really freaking big, strong, and cut. How can I be like that?”

So needless to say I have seen different types of bodybuilding, but enough about me…

Basically, Aesthetics is more for the people who is looking more for the sexy look. The body that guys envy you for and the body that all the girls want to touch…

The Normal (Traditional) way is more for the people who have massive, cut-up muscles and usually do alot of competing. Freakishly Big!! For example, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman

Watch the Video below learn the difference between Aesthetic Bodybuilding and Normal Bodybuilding

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